From colour correction to matching black levels when keying and overlaying video, only waveform monitoring lets you keep track of what's going on. It helps you eliminate illegal colours and other problems that could cause your work to be rejected by broadcasters.

It's an exciting and confusing time for programme delivery around the world at the moment. With file based delivery at the source of much confusion there are so many things to put on your deliverables list. Luckily for you that is one of our specialties. We constantly deliver programmes to networks all over the world including all the major US and UK networks. Covering everything from tape formats to AS11, DCP and more, final mastering and delivery is something you can safely leave in our hands.


It's something of an obsession of ours to always have the right tools for the job. We have all the hardware and software we need to ensure your programmes have the highest quality standards conversion, legalisation, quality control and compliance for any delivery option. Our custom built QC booths are the best in the business and we are always on top of the latest technical specifications by working hand in hand with networks so there is no room for error in what we deliver.


Every job is different so we always get involved as early as possible to help develop the best plan of action on a production by production basis.

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