Playlink Waiver

Your choices here will be used for the security settings on any viewing files sent to you or members of your production.
If you have any questions please contact The Finish Line on (+44) 020 8935 5315 or email

Can anyone with access to your links download the files?
Allow DownloadsDon't Allow Downloads

Is a password required to access the link?
Password RequiredPassword Not Required

Do you want the email address of the recipient to be burnt in to files?
Watermark RequiredWatermark Not Required

Is Digital Rights Management (DRM) required to be embedded in files?
Disable DRM if you need to download files. With DRM enabled it will be impossible to play files via third party applications. DRM RequiredDRM Not Required

Do you require Two-Factor Authentication?
This requires manual configuration at an additional cost if required. Two-Factor Authentication RequiredTwo-Factor Authentication Not Required

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with any of the above questions.