To ensure everything we do meets the highest technical standards, our reference monitors need to be balanced to perfection. For this reason we calibrate ours monthly with the most precise spectroradiometer and colour management software available. We also offer this service to our clients so they too can be confident that what they are viewing meets the required specification.

At the heart of The Finish Line is our love for pictures. Our team have devoted their lives to Colour Grading and Online Editing; not only growing with the industry but taking part in every major evolution in software and technology. We are constantly striving to adopt new techniques in an effort to improve our speed and efficiency as well as that of our equipment. In turn, this allows us to focus as much time as we can to improve how your images look.

Our picture finishing department is designed to give you as much flexibility as possible. We are more than happy to work with you from the start of production to develop the best system and workflow for your particular programme or series. With the ability to apply our craft remotely in one of our suites or set up shop at your office we cater to whichever approach suits you best.

The Finish Line : Live

With the ever increasing pattern of international productions it is very important for us to be able to collaborate with everyone in real time. The Finish Line : Live allows us to have an instant live and secure feed up and running for any length of time. In effect we can have a live session with you wherever you are with the ability to review and make changes in real time. You can view a live feed all day or just dial in at any given time to sign off.

At ours

Our HQ is built to tackle anything you could possibly need; from ingest to delivery we have it all covered. Furthermore, our purpose built QC and Mastering booths are state of the art so you can be confident that anything that runs through our systems is managed to the best possible standards.

At yours

Our rental systems are like no other. Built with the latest and greatest equipment we can Grade and Online onsite with minimal set up. Just give us a room and we'll bring our kit, thus removing the need to run around town for viewings.