Natalie Georgoulopoulos

Born into a multicultural family with Greek/French/Polish grandparents, Natalie was raised in the leafy suburb of Athens, Greece. She spent the bulk of her childhood patrolling the beaches and doing a mean backstroke in the local swimming pools in an effort to avoid the sweltering heat of the Greek summer days. Natalie was fortunate enough to attend an international school where she met people from all over the world and from all different walks of life. Very enriching stuff by all accounts.

At the rather mature age of 18 Natalie relocated to England where she attended the University of Southampton (in not so scorching conditions). Her interest in the human mind and the major intellectual challenges in understanding its nature and significance, as well as her strong inclination to help people, ultimately led Natalie to receive a BSc Psychology degree at this fine establishment. After 3 years she was more than ready to enter the big bad world but decided that further education was not in her game plan. With moving to London came an eclectic array of new jobs, ranging from receptionist to working for Surrey Council’s Children Services. Post Production subsequently became the third wheel in her relationship since meeting The Finish Line’s founder Zeb. Natalie has in fact been with our resident kiwi since day one of the company starting out and put a great deal of energy in setting up the current headquarters in west London. Through sheer osmosis she soaked up more than your average person (not that she had much choice as Zeb speaks of little else!) and was ready to enter this crazy world when the position of Bookings Assistant opened up.

When Natalie is not tackling the Tetris world that is bookings you can find her gardening, working on her pottery or knitting hats and scarfs for the winter months.

We asked Natalie what advice she would give to her younger self to which she replied:
Be confident in yourself, your decisions and your beliefs…and don’t sweat the small stuff