Funda Hassan

Funda was born and raised in North London’s enthralling borough of Enfield. Being Turkish Cypriot carries with it certain duties: primarily growing up with a huge family, spending weekends with cousins and long summers in the charming island of Cyprus visiting her grandparents. Sounds like torture…

After attending school in Enfield Funda made a rather dramatic relocation and moved to the south coast of England to study Media Practice and Theory at Sussex University. It was at this very venue that she discovered her passion for Offline Editing. The love of story telling emanated from being an editor on a film project on female MMA fighters.

Like many students on the course Funda was strongly urged to source media based work experience and build up a profile. Landing a job as a runner for an advertising post house Funda quickly learnt that this was the golden ticket into the industry. After graduating from Sussex, Funda moved back to North London and worked at the same venue as a runner. Not long after she shuffled to another Post House where she worked her way up to become an Edit Assistant. This shift to a larger post house facilitated Funda’s understanding of the industry and all the skills needed to grasp the technical knowledge of Post Production. After taking a 3-month break to travel India, Vietnam and Thailand Funda is back to work on her goal to become an offline editor.

When not at work Funda busies herself by working on home editing projects, spends time with friends and discovering new hidden gems across London with her partner. She is an avid drama series and Netflix original fan, loves a big Turkish BBQ and can be mainly found spending time with her large family and newly born nephew!

We asked Funda what advice she would give to her younger self to which she replied:
Learn and train as much as you can by keeping up with all software and updates. Don’t compare yourself to others and just focus on expanding your knowledge.